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Making her way into Stargate Command, Hathor informed the personnel that she was an enemy of Ra, and thus was taken into custody. Initially regarded as a kook, her familiarity with the Stargate quickly changed the minds of the SGC. Claiming that she wanted to help the Tau'ri, she soon learned that Ra was dead, among others, and so launched an attempt to conque Hathor ist eine Goa'uld-Königin, die circa 4000 Jahre lang in einem Sarkophag im Inneren eines Maya-Tempels eingeschlossen war und auf einer Expedition des Wissenschaftlers Dr. Kleinhouse von diesem aus Versehen befreit wird. Bei einem Versuch, in den Stargate-Complex einzudringen, da sie das Stargate spüren konnte, wird sie geschnappt und gefangen genommen. Allerdings hat sie die Gabe, durch einen Kuss eine Substanz abzusetzen, mit der sie sich jeden Mann gefügig machen kann. Mit der. Synopsis. The Goa'uld queen, Hathor, named after the Egyptian sex goddess, awakens after being discovered in her Sarcophagus in Mexico and makes her way to Stargate Command. She begins to exert her influence on the men of the base in order to start building her new Jaffa army

In Mexico, when two members of an expedition finds an Egyptian sarcophagus in a digging in a Maya temple, they accidentally revive the the sex goddess Hathor, who is the mother of the Goa'uld. The sarcophagus is sent to the Stargate Command and Hathor seduces all the men in the base. Captain Carter assumes the command and together with Dr. Janet Fraiser and the other women in the base, they organize to retake the base. However the men are ready to give their lives to Hathor. Suanne Braun gab in Stargate SG-1 die ägyptische Göttin Hathor, und genau diese Rolle inspirierte das neueste Projekt der Schauspielerin: In Hathor Hosts interviewt Suanne Braun einige fabulous people aus dem Stargate-Universum. Den Anfang machen Kate Hewlett und Amanda Tapping, gefolgt von Cliff Simon und Joe Mallozzi Hathor. Hathor (Suanne Braun, nach der Göttin Hathor) war eine Goa'uld-Königin, die vor ca. 4.000 Jahren in einem Sarkophag in einem Maya-Tempel eingeschlossen wurde. Ein archäologisches Team entdeckte den Sarkophag und befreite Hathor. Sie konnte das Stargate spüren und versuchte, in den Cheyenne Mountain Complex zu kommen, wobei sie aufgegriffen wurde. Durch Absonderung einer Substanz war sie jedoch in der Lage, alle Männer in willenlose Sklaven zu verwandeln. Sie plante im Stargate.

George S. Hammond is a USAF Major General (later Lieutenant General) who commands Stargate Command in the first seven seasons. He is played by Don S. Davis in a regular role in seasons 1-7 and in a recurring role afterwards. He also appears in Stargate: Continuum and season 1 of Stargate Atlantis Braun made her professional debut in 1988 working as a TV presenter in her native South Africa for the channel M-net. She hosted her own travel series, Bon Voyage, which afforded her the opportunity to travel all over the world. She was nominated for a Star Tonight Award for Excellence in Television for Bon Voyage Hathor wird von O'Neill getötet, indem er sie in den kryogenen Tank wirft. Es wurden Gategleiter von den Goa'uld gebaut, die durch Stargates fliegen konnten. Jedoch wurde der Bau eingestellt, da die Piloten es meist nicht schafften, die Maschine entsprechend gut zu beherrschen. Die Goa'uld verfügen über begrenzte Stasis -Technologie Hathor; Biographical information; Death: 1999 (killed by Jack O'Neill) P2X-3YZ: Gender: Asexual (female personality) Race: Goa'uld: Out of Stargate universe information; Portrayed by: Suanne Braun: First appearance Hathor The concept art and storyboards come from Hathor, a classic episode from the first season of Stargate SG-1. Written by series co-creator Jonathan Glassner and directed by Brad Turner, the episode saw the sensual Goa'uld queen unearthed in a sarcophagus, which had sustained her for many centuries

Hathor was the mate of Ra and the mother of Heru'ur who was left stranded on Earth after the Tau'ri rebellion. She later became imprisoned in her sarcophagus... She later became imprisoned in her.. Hathor übernimmt die Kontrolle über das Stargate-Center und will dieses als Goa'uld-Nest benutzen. Sie züchtet Goa'uld-Larven für alle Männer im SGC und plant, Colonel O'Neill zu ihrem ersten menschlichen Brutkasten zu machen. Dafür schneidet sie ihm eine Öffnung in den Bauch und legt ihn in das Larvenbad. Carter und Teal'c können ihn befreien, bevor eine Larve in ihn eingedrungen ist, doch ohne Symbiont wird er bald sterben. Teal'c kommt auf die Idee, den Colonel in den Sarkophag zu. The daughter and bride of Ra, Hathor was a Goa'uld queen imprisoned in a sarcophagus in South America for thousands of years. In 1997, she was discovered by a pair of archaeologists, whom she killed before heading for the Stargate -- sensing its hidden location deep within Cheyenne Mountain Opens a stargate for your Higher Self to birth new paradigm solutions on Earth through your Divine Feminine Christ embodiment Activates the crystalline qualities of Keycode 2 in your divine genome which significantly elevates your self-worth as a Creatrix Birther of a new paradigm on Eart

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  1. g to know that the Stargate is housed within the mountain. She is detained and when questioned is able to use some sort of chemical.
  2. Suanne Braun, Actress: The Princess Switch. South African born Suanne started her career working on South African television and starring in multiple series and theatre productions. Additionally, Suanne worked as a host on the first, independent television channel in South Africa, MNET television. She hosted a travel series Bon Voyage which afforded her the opportunity of visiting over 36.
  3. Stargate SG-1 Season 1 Episode 14 Hathor REACTION! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV.
  4. Stargate Sg-1 S01E14 Hathor. EisseHubert6383. 52:38. Stargate SG-1 S01 - Ep14 Hathor HD Watch. Mariposa TV. 44:13. Stargate SG1 - Se1 - Ep14 - Hathor. Martinsousa. 45:26. Misterio para tres -1x19- The Quilt of Hathor. Part 1 (El edredón de Hathor. Primera parte) Historia del cine y de la televisión. 0:19 . Read Hathor s Way Relaxed Book of Mama s Perspective Breastfeeding Comics (The Comics.
  5. g in your creativity and joy; Radiating your sovereign divine light as a blessing for others; Self-confidence in your worthiness to receive more love in your life ; Trust in your intuition and Higher Self guidance; Courage for.
  6. d control techniques. Hathor escaped through the Stargate to Chulak. Captain Carter and Dr. Fraiser were recommended for a commendation. MEMORABLE REMARK
  7. Teal'c (Stargate) Hathor (Stargate) Episode: s02e22 Out of Mind; Summary. The first time he'd thought of her that way it had taken him completely by surprise. It shocked her too. Based on Season 2 Episode 22: Out Of Mind. The first in a series of Sam/Jack fics, based on individual episodes. Series. Part 1 of Hard Fought, Hard Won; Language.

Stargate Soundtrack Hathor. Serita Gil. 44:13. Stargate SG1 - Se1 - Ep14 - Hathor. Martinsousa. 42:25 [1x13] - Stargate SG1 - Hathor VF. lesoldat73. 45:54. Stargate SG-1 S01E14 Singularity. Stargate SG. 41:15. Stargate SG-1 S01E14. jule-mikelson. 45:26. Misterio para tres -1x19- The Quilt of Hathor. Part 1 (El edredón de Hathor. Primera parte) Historia del cine y de la televisión. 0:19. Read. HATHOR HOSTS Eine Interview-Serie von und mit Suanne Braun . Ein wirkliches Highlight des Jahres 2020 war Suannes Idee eine Talkshow über ihren Instagram-Account zu schalten. Mit dem Namen Hathor Hosts spielt sie ganz gezielt auf ihre Rolle in Stargate SG-1 - die Goa'uld Hathor - an. Alle Interviews sind auf Suannes Youtube - Seite zu finden Stargate References. Hathor was entombed by Ra in a sarcophagus buried in a Mayan temple in what is now known as Mexico. Archaeologists unearthed the sarcophagus millennia later and were flabbergasted that it bore Egyptian hieroglyphs, citing Daniel Jackson's outlandish theories and his expertise on ancient Egypt. As the archaeologists continued to postulate, they inadvertently opened the. Stargate SG-1 Hathor ( - 1997.10.24) quotes on planetclaireTV. Jackson: Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of fertility, inebriety, and music. O'Neill: Sex, drugs, and rock and roll? Jackson: In a manner of speaking

# stargate # hathor # comiccon # prague # conventions # photos. See More. Suanne Braun Hathor Hosts TV. is at Novello Theatre, Covent Garden. March 18 at 6:08 AM · London, United Kingdom · #tbt Throwing it back to when I was in the West End show Onassis. This is me giving my Maria Callas. She was such a fascinating woman and loved the challenge of getting under her skin. In the play she. Suanne Braun Hathor Hosts TV., London, United Kingdom. 1,610 likes · 108 talking about this. Welcome to my Facebook page where you can find out all the latest news regarding Hathor Hosts. For the.. portrayed by Suanne Braun. Hathor was the mate of Ra and the mother of Heru'ur who was left stranded on Earth after the Tau'ri rebellion. She later became imprisoned in her sarcophagus for centuries before being set free albeit accidentally in 1997 Directed by Brad Turner. With Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge. The Goa'uld Hathor (one of the mothers of all Goa'uld), brainwashes the men of the SGC with pheromones, and nearly makes Jack a host to a larva conceived with Daniel. She flees after the unaffected women of Stargate Command retake the facility

Hathor is related in mythology to Aphrodite of Greece, Ishtar of Babylon, Stargae of Syria, Ceres of Rome. Hathor is the Queen of the Gods, the Mother of All Pharoahs (Gods), she and others like her produce the larval Goa'uld. She must have the code of life (DNA) from the species intended as the host to ensure compatibility The Stargate is activated, and Carter and O'Neill rush to the gateroom to find Hathor about to leave. The Stargate was connected to Chulak, Apophis's planet. O'Neill decides not to pursue her. Later, everyone seems to be recovered, although the men have some sketch memories of the time when they were under Hathor's control. Hammond puts commendations in for Carter and Frasier (Redirected from Hathor (Stargate SG-1)) The first season of the military science fiction television series Stargate SG-1 commenced airing on the Showtime channel in the United States on July 27, 1997, concluded on the Sci Fi channel on March 6, 1998, and contained 22 episodes. The show itself is a spin-off from the 1994 hit movie Stargate written by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich. Stargate. Teal'c (Stargate) Hathor (Stargate) Episode: s02e22 Out of Mind; Summary. The first time he'd thought of her that way it had taken him completely by surprise. It shocked her too. Based on Season 2 Episode 22: Out Of Mind. The first in a series of Sam/Jack fics, based on individual episodes. Series. Part 1 of Hard Fought, Hard Won; Language: English Words: 8,77

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Hathor An episode from Stargate SG-1: Hathor seducing Daniel with her love potion. Episode Nb: Season 1 Episode 14: Directed by: Brad Turner: Story by: David Bennett Carren J. Larry Carroll: Adaptation on television: Jonathan Glassner: Director of photography: Peter F. Woeste: Edited by: Allan Lee: Production code : 3964: Original air date USA: October 24, 1997 UK: July 1, 1998: Length: 42. Hathor (Stargate) Usage on fr.wikipedia.org Liste des Goa'ulds de Stargate; Utilisateur:Prométhée/Galerie; Usage on pl.wikipedia.org Goa'ul

Posts about Hathor written by whoisthemancast. Stargate fan Zone. A Stargate fan site. Home; About; Stargate: The Movie. Stargate: SG-1 ; Stargate: SG-A; Stargate: SGU; RSS Feed. Archive for the 'Hathor' Tag Stargate websites and blogs. 3 comments. I think I might start doing what I started this blog for, I might give you some links. First The official Stargate site(s): SG-1 http. 423 votes, 21 comments. 82.3k members in the Stargate community. All things dedicated to the 1994 Stargate movie and the MGM franchise: SG-1 Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 423. Hathor Hosts Christmas special. Close. 423. Posted by 1 month ago. Hathor Hosts Christmas special. see full image. 1. Jul 31, 2012 - Anubis anubis.jpg Apophis apophis.jpg Ares ares.jpg Ba'al baal.jpg Cronus cronus.jpg Hathor h hathor stargate episode. by August 1, 2020 0 0. invite the two guards in, and then lock them up. their first hosts were also present. If you have any comments on this review, please email me at the She then embraces O'Neill firmly. to breathe on O'Neill's and Teal'c's hands. and SG-1 are interested to find out how she knows this information, the few women's concerns are brushed off. 23. Stargate - Serien und Filme. Hinter den Kulissen. Stargate Modellbau. Stargate Bücher. AMANDA TAPPING. Multitalent Amanda. SG-1 Fans helfen. Col. Samantha Carter. SG Galerie: Sam. SUANNE BRAUN. Hathor Hosts . SG Galerie: Hathor. ÜBER MICH. Sanctuary. Star Trek Voyager. Xena - Warrior Princess. Charlies Angels. IMPRESSUM . Auch verfügbar: Zuletzt aktualisiert: 16. April 2021 Zugriffe: 323 In.

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Aug 16, 2013 - Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video Stargate SG 1 - Carter et Hathor. Gemerkt von: Nadine. 1. Filme Serien Amanda Tapping Michael Shanks Daniel Jackson Stargate Atlantis. A Year and a Day of Stargate, and then some. Menu Home; Contact; Tag: sg1: hathor [SG-1] 1.14: Hathor. September 7, 2018 arrowsbane Leave a comment. Oh dear. I have heard about this episode. I'm not ready for it. They're so fucking screwed And not in the fun way. Oh god what is she wearing? Oh it's just a coat. He's gonna get whammied. Ugh. Haven't you heard of a breath mint. Hochwertige Tassen zum Thema Hathor von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt. Alle B..

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Hochwertige Grußkarten mit Hathor Motiv Von Künstlern designt und verkauft Für Geburtstag, Gebu.. Stargate SG-1 Season show reviews & Metacritic score: The ancient Egyptian goddess and Goa'uld, Hathor, is awakened and immediately takes over SGC and all of its men...

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  1. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für STARGATE - Hathor Logo - patch - Aufnäher neu bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel
  2. g live and starting at 8PM BST/ 12 PM PDT/ 3PM EST As always- if you have any questions for..
  3. In modern times, Hathor has appeared as a character on the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007). Read, Write, Think, Discuss. Cows were an important part of ancient Egyptian agriculture and diet, which explains their association with Hathor, who was seen as a provider and nourisher. Think about the different products that humans get from cows, even today. Do you think.
  4. g his show would shoot seven seasons, other projects he's working on, and how the Saturn Awards celebrate an unusual family of misfits

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‎Show SciFi TV Rewatch, Ep Episode 391 Stargate SG-1 S01E13 Hathor - Jan 14, 2021 ‎Join Dave and Wayne for genre television show news, a glimpse into what the hosts are currently watching, commentary and analysis of the classic military science fiction series Stargate SG-1, and our listener feedback Hathors: 9,99€ 7: Die Höhle des Löwen Teil 2: 2,43€ 8: The Light of Gorthar (The Hathor Chronicles Book 3) (English Edition) 10,65€ 9: The Light of Gorthar (The Hathor Chronicles Book 3) (English Edition) 10,65€ 10: KAANAS Damen Hathor, Macadamia, 36 EU: 31,80€ 11: Stargate SG1 Fire & Water and Hathor: 31,00€ 1

Stargate Movie. Hathor. Saved by Mark Bennett. 2. Stargate Movie All Hd Wallpaper Wallpapers. Stargate: Michael Shanks 2 Daniel Jackson aus Stargate - Originalautogramm mit Echtheitszertifikat - Richard Dean Anderson 2 aus Stargate - Originalautogram, Artikel 26 - 4 Stargate: SG-1 (SciFi-Serie) USA/1999 am 18.05.2021 um 02:15 Uhr im TV-PROGRAMM: alle Infos, alle Sendetermin Stargate: SG-1 (SciFi-Serie) USA/1999 am 17.05.2021 um 16:10 Uhr im TV-PROGRAMM: alle Infos, alle Sendetermin Stargate SG-1 (SciFi-Serie) USA/1997 am 05.05.2021 um 00:00 Uhr im TV-PROGRAMM: alle Infos, alle Sendetermin

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Hathor's planet Queen of Ra, and mother of Heru'ur, Hathor is the Egyptian goddess for fertility, inebrity and music. She was imprisoned in a sarcophagus in South America for thousands of years, and was released by a couple of archaeologists who were searching a Mayan temple, and accidentally found the sarcophagus Synopsis: The evil and beautiful Goa'uld Hathor escapes from stasis in a Mayan pyramid in Mexico. At the Stargate facility, she uses her charms and a powerful drug to seduce men into her service as she plots to take over the world. With Daniel as her Beloved Pharaoh and Jack her intended First Prime, can Carter and the female personnel stop her in time Full Cast & Crew: Hathor (1997) Cast (12) Richard Dean Anderson. Colonel Jack O'Neill Michael Shanks. Dr. Daniel Jackson Amanda Tapping. Captain Samantha Carter Christopher Judge. Teal'c Don S. Davis. Major General George Hammond Suanne Braun. Hathor Teryl Rothery. Dr. Janet Fraiser David Hurtubise. Dr. Kleinhouse (as Dave Hurtubise) Amanda O'Leary. Dr. Cole Bob Frazer. Airman Ikkee Battle. SP. English: Hathor symbol (Stargate SG-1) Date: 10 June 2012: Source: Own work: Author: Prométhée33: Licensing. English : This photo (or video, drawing, coin, banknote) has been taken (or realized scanned and reworked) by A. Delesse (User:Prométhée) and released under the license stated below. You are free to use it for any purpose as long as you follow the terms of the licenses. Could you be. Called syncretism, this was a very common phenomenon in the ancient world, and Hathor herself was eventually subsumed by another Egyptian goddess, Isis, with whom she had long been identified. The strange thing about the Stargate reference is that Carter makes it sound like it is a modern academic (with web technology!) who has created this 'theory'. Part of the reason for this is that, in the show, all these deities actually are real alien beings, but it still seems like a bit of a weird.

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Stargate SG-1: Hathor Episode 14 (Hathor) is real dumb, but also pretty essential. There are some great ideas here, but the execution is just, well, dumb. Pyramid? Ziggurat? Whatever. The episode opens with a team of archaeologists exploring a Mayan pyramid where they find an apparently Egyptian sarcophagus. One of them somehow immediately remembers reading an article Daniel Jackson had. Jul 18, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Adalia Durron. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres The Stargate is a sacred geometrical structure - an anchor for a higher dimensional consciousness that emits a powerful, high vibrational energy field, enabling you to feel subtle energy from Spirit guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Star Families. All this within the guided meditations channeled by Alcazar. The Stargate Experience covers many facets of personal evolution. Connect with the. Stargate Atlantis Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows . Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies Hathor is played by Suanne Braun. 0 0 1. . 0. . 0. . 0. . 0. Add a Comment.

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Die Showtime-Serie Stargate - Kommando SG-1 handelt von den Geschichten und Missionen der Elite-Einheit SG-1 der US-Airforce im Weltall. Aufgrund des Erfolgs der Sci-Fi-Serie gibt es bislang. So looking forward to Comic Con Prague which I will be attending in May. (Obviously Covid situation dependent). But IF we are able to go ahead with it all (let's keep fingers crossed) Comic Con is.. Email this Article Hathor (Stargate).sv Hathor is a Goa'uld and a villain from Stargate S-G1. Hathor is part of the Galactic Empire and is dating Darth Vader Title: The Journey Home. Characters: SG-1, Martouf/Lantash, Jolinar, Jacob/Selmak Pairing: (Sam)/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash Rating: PG-13 Category: Angst, Adventure, Dram

Stargate SG-1 1x14 Hathor. Saison 1 - Episode 14 Titre Original de l'épisode : Hathor Pendant des fouilles, une équipe d'archéologues découvre un sarcophage Goa'uld dans une pyramide Maya. Ce. Hathor takes him to the men's locker room where she sits him inside the bubbling bath of Goa'uld larvae. Luckily, Team Lady get him out before one takes hold inside him. Because he no longer has an immune system, they take him to the sarcophagus in the stargate chamber. Hathor doesn't like this and sics the rest of the men on them. O. Episode opens on some archaeologists exploring a Mayan pyramid, when they come upon a sarcophagus within a chamber. As they brush off the dust, they are shocked to find that it has Egyptian hieroglyphs on it! One of them mentions that he remembers hearing about a Daniel Jackson who had a theory about ancient culture cross-pollination, and this discovery could validate his theories. As they. Stargate SG-1 picks up where the blockbuster film left off. Colonel Jack O'Neill and his SG-1 team; Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, and Captain Samantha Carter, set out to explore the mysteries of the Stargate. Each exciting mission through the gate takes the SG-1 team to new worlds in a seemingly boundless universe

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Abenteuer: Stargate SG-1 - Bildergalerie. 10 Jahre lang ist das Stargate-Team durch die Sternentore in fremde Welten gereist, hat gefährliche Gegner bekämpft und die Erde vor ihrer Zerstörung gerettet. Die Bilder Originaltitel: Stargate: SG-1: Science-Fiction-Serie, USA 1997: Episodentitel: Der Kuss der Göttin: Original-Episodentitel: Hathor: 45 min., ab 12 Jahren: Regie: Brad Turner: Darsteller: Amanda Tapping, Beau Bridges, Ben Browde Suche: Fanfiction / Serien & Podcasts / Stargate / Stargate SG1. Inhalt ist versteckt. Anzeigen Die Sucheinstellungen deiner zuletzt durchgeführten Suche wurden im Formular voreingestellt. Möchtest du eine neue Suche beginnen, benutze den Button Sucheinstellungen zurücksetzen. Sucheinstellungen zurücksetzen: Stichworte im Titel: Hinweise zu Suchbegriffen Stichworte in der.

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System Lord | SGCommand | FANDOM powered by WikiaSelect your favorite Stargate GoddessGoa'uld characters in StargateHathor - Stargate SG-1 S01E13 | TVmazeHathor | Wiki Stargate | FANDOM powered by WikiaHorus Guard - Stargate WikiGlimpse Into 'Stargate SG-1' Cast Life 23 Years Since FanRa (Stargate) - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
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