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  1. i development board measuring 24x24x10mm built around an ESP32-PICO-D4 microcontroller from Espressif equipped with 4MB of integrated SPI flash memory. The PICO is a version suitable for clothing or mobile electronics
  2. Hi guys, I recently got a new ESP32 LoRA board to setup as a TTN node. For now I am just trying to communicate with the TinyGPS using ESP32 over Software serial and output the co-ordinates on Arduino's Serial Monitor. I am unable to receive any GPS data on Arduino IDE's serial monitor. I was wondering if anyone had tried this before. Or maybe find an issue with my code. I do see some other.
  3. Quite simple ESP32 based device that allows to display basic GPS data on OLED screen and measure distance in a straight line. More about this device is available here. If you want to know more about ESP32, you might want to visit my website too
  4. Code first, all necessary documentation at the bottom. This does not seem like the correct place but this is where the link took me to post questions/problems. #include <TinyGPS++.h> TinyGPSPlus gps; void setup() {
  5. Like its predecessor, TinyGPS, this library provides compact and easy-to-use methods for extracting position, date, time, altitude, speed, and course from consumer GPS devices. However, TinyGPS++'s programmer interface is considerably simpler to use than TinyGPS, and the new library can extract arbitrary data from any of the myriad NMEA sentences out there, even proprietary ones. Download.
  6. The ESP32 Devkit 1 consists of a complete development board, containing good processing and memories for an embedded device, wi-fi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity (classic and BLE), a good number of GPIOs available for development and multiple communication interfaces
  7. TinyGPS is designed to provide most of the NMEA GPS functionality I imagine an Arduino user would want - position, date, time, altitude, speed and course - without the large size that seems to accompany similar bodies of code. To keep resource consumption low, the library avoids any mandatory floating point dependency and ignores all but a few key GPS fields. Usage. To use, simply create.

TinyGPS++ - a small GPS library for Arduino providing universal NMEA parsing Based on work by and distanceBetween and courseTo courtesy of Maarten Lamers. Suggestion to add satellites, courseTo (), and cardinal () by Matt Monson. Location precision improvements suggested by Wayne Holder tinygps 1 Articles . Frustromantic Box, A Reverse Geocache. January 21, 2010 by Jakob Griffith 45 Comments . One of the best feelings in the world is when one of our posts inspires a fellow hacker. Last, connect your ESP32 to the computer through a USB cable. The ESP32 will be powered from the USB 5V. 4) Install the ESP32 in Arduino IDE. The ESP32 will be programmed using Arduino IDE. There's an add-on for the Arduino IDE (1.8.7 or higher) that allows you to program the ESP32 using the Arduino IDE and its programming language. Follow. The ESP32-LoRa board is very suitable for extending with a GPS module. The wiring is very simple, as only one serial interface is required. The data vn GPS module can be displayed on the integrated OLED display. In order to set up, we need a Nodemcu ESP32 with integrated OLED display and a GPS module with active antenna

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You can upload this data using the esp32 on the internet using wifi or Bluetooth to a smartphone. So, in short, this project has an ESP32 which can give WiFi/Bluetooth functionality, OLED display and GPS module. Possibilities with the code are endless. I have also added a prototyping area where you can add sensors or other components to the ESP32 which is also accessible. Add Tip Ask Question. wifi esp32 gps tinygps espressif. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Mar 12 '20 at 14:48. KarmaCoding KarmaCoding. 113 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. 4. 1. yes, such a device should work - jsotola Mar 12 '20 at 15:01. @jsotola : thanks for the quick response. i have a query here, you have written should work in your comment. Can u reply with the possible. Die besten 15 Tinygps arduino im Angebot [05/2021]: Berichte der Verbraucher Unser Team hat im genauen Tinygps arduino Test uns jene relevantesten Produkte verglichen sowie alle auffälligsten Informationen zusammengefasst. Wir vergleichen eine Vielzahl an Eigenarten und verleihen jedem Artikel dann die entscheidene Gesamtbenotung. Im Tinygps arduino Test konnte unser Sieger bei fast allen. Espressif Systems is a fabless semiconductor company providing cutting-edge low power WiFi SoCs and wireless solutions for wireless communications and Internet of Things applications. ESP8266EX and ESP32 are some of our products

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Beliebte Tinygps arduino im Angebot [05/2021] - Modelle im Vergleich! GPS Module mit New Ublox NEO AeroQuad mit Antenne. Leistungs unten, um 3V-5V Netzteil Universal- zu speichern LED-Signalanzeige . In Online-Versandhäusern können Sie zu jeder Zeit Tinygps arduino ordern. Netterweise erspart sich der Kunde den Weg in lokale Shops und hat noch viel mehr Auswahl allzeit direkt übersichtlich. The ESP32-LoRa board is very suitable for extending with a GPS module. The wiring is very simple, as only one serial interface is required. The data vn GPS module can be displayed on the integrated OLED display. In order to set up, we need a Nodemcu ESP32 with integrated OLED display and a GPS module with active anten Wenn ich den ESP via OTA aktualisiere, ist dann TXD0/RXD0 (GPIO 1+3) für eine Serielle Anwendung im Sketch Frei - hab da schon versucht im WWW eine Antwort zu finden, leider nicht ganz gut gelaufen Danke schon mal! Hallo, ich würde es einfach mal probieren. Edit: In vielen Fällen sind die beiden Leitungen über Widerstände am USB-Treiber verbunden, was somit dann für eine weitere externe.

TinyGPS problem. So you're a Noob? Post your questions here until you graduate! Don't be shy. 2 posts; Page 1 of 1; 2 posts. ShowGPS bietet POIs, Karten, Sound Tracking uvm. für mobile GPS-Use

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Das GPS Modul NEO-6M verfügt über eine externe Keramikantenne und hat minimale Abmaße dadurch lassen sich kleine Projekte mit dem GPS Modul durchführen arduino-uno tinygps eeprom. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Oct 5 '14 at 7:18. pra pra. 7 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 4 4 bronze badges. 1. data=(gps.location.lat(), 6); just always stores 6 in data, this is what will be sotored on all 25 first locations of EEPROM. It looks you don't understand what you're doing with this code. I'd recommend taking a look at some basic C. Download TinyGPS: TinyGPSPlus Neo 6m GPS Arduino Programming: esp32 iot projects (18) Html and CSS (8) Industrial (5) IOT Projects (74) Java Programming (17) JavaScript (16) PHP (6) PLC and Scada Projects (2) PLC Projects (9) Power Electronics (5) Power Generation (16) Power Projects (5) Python Programming (38) raspberry pi (45) RC Plane (5) RC Projects (1) Simple Projects (51) STM32 (1.

Is it possible to create a minature and very inexpensive GPS online and offline tracker which is OwnTracks-compatible? Yes, it is possible. During a bout of craze\^W inspiration, I obtained a u-blox Neo 6M GPS module (EUR 9.30) and connected it to an Wemos-D1 mini ESP8266 module (EUR 3.35). Within the hour, I was happily publishing OwnTracks JSON location messages to a local broker over WiFi Homemade Realtime GPS Tracker (SIM800L, Ublox NEO-6M, Arduino): So you have got a GSM module lying around like me? Also a GPS-tracker?We think the same! In this instructables, I will try to guide you how to accomplish your goal from a newbie's perspective.As I had no previous electrical engineering knowledge (t (ii) TinyGPS library; 3. NEO-6M GPS module. The NEO-6M GPS module is shown in the figure below. It comes with an external antenna and does not come with header pins. So you will need to solder it. Overview of NEO-6M GPS Module. NEO-6M GPS Chip; The heart of the module is a NEO-6M GPS chip from u-blox. It can track up to 22 satellites on 50 channels and achieves the industry's highest level. FireBeetle Board-ESP32 Tutorials: Reforming a Small electric Fan. TUTORIALS ESP32. 2017-07-03 05:58:46. Application Tutorials of FireBeetle Board - ESP32 BLE: Smarten a Plugboard. PROJECTS ESP32. 2017-07-12 06:42:16. ESP32 Solar Weather Station. PROJECTS ESP32. 2017-08-28 07:04:57. How to make a Arduino Color Picker. PROJECTS Arduino. 2018-11-29 02:52:47. Recent Blogs. Model Selection Guide.

ESP32 - $4 to $7 [Depending upon which model you buy, the bare minimum is $4 while the USB programmable is $7 ] Aftermath With the restoration of these cheap GPS modules by reading their UART data it's rather very easy to decipher then, discarding the fancy ready-made programs that the Arduino galaxy is replete with [GPS, Adafruit-GPS, NEOGPS, TinyGPS, TinyGPS++ ,NEMAGPS etc] This guide shows how to use the NEO-6M GPS module with the Arduino to get GPS data. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and can be used to determine position, time, and speed if you're travelling. We'll show you how to wire the GPS module to the Arduino, and how to write code to get GPS coordinates ESP32 Arduino IDE Setup ESP32 Webserver Wifi Wetterstation Wifi HTTPS POST. Power. Arduino Dimmer Arduino MOSFETs Grundlagen Arduino AC Leistungsmesser Arduino Motor Treiber. LoRa & Funk. LoRa ESP32 Setup Arduino LoRa Shield Arduino RDS Radiosender Mit ESP32 ins LoRaWAN. Elektronik. Gleichrichter bauen SIM800 GSM GPRS Modul PullUp vs PullDown Widerstand PT1000 Messwandler. Apps. DraftCode IDE.

We have also used the TinyGPS ++ library to analyse the GPS data received from the SIM808 module. In this project, the car tracking system first waits to receive a message. After that, it matches the received text with the predefined password. Then, if the password is correct, the tracker system will be activated, and it will obtain the vehicle location data. Finally, the Google Maps link will. The sketch makes use of the multiple hardware serial of ESP32, with one for USB serial output (Serial) and one for GNSS UART (Serial1). This sketch does not display anything on the OLED display so it can stay unplgged. TinyGPS library is used for NMEA decoding. Quick guide for compiling and uploading code with PlatformIO. Download and install PlatformIO IDE (Visual Studio Code or Atom based. The sketch makes use of the multiple hardware serial UARTs of ESP32, with one for USB serial output and one for GNSS UART. This sketch does not display anything on the OLED display so it can remain unplgged. TinyGPS library is used for NMEA decoding. If you use Arduino IDE, make sure to import the library. Quick guide for compiling and uploading code with PlatformIO. Download and install. Hello everbody, I need your help. I have this configuration : MOBILE APP<--> ESP8266WIFI(12E) <--> ARDUINO UNO <--> GPS MODULE (NEO-7M) I have a connection between GPS with ARDUINO UNO, by TX/RX pins (10,11), and everybody working good and this connection must work constantly (I need the last localization) I have a problem now with connection to send data between ESP<-->UNO, since I have on. Reference Language | Libraries | Comparison | Changes. Libraries. The Arduino environment can be extended through the use of libraries, just like most programming platforms. Libraries provide extra functionality for use in sketches, e.g. working with hardware or manipulating data

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If you use the Arduino IDE to program the ESP32, you might be interested in [Andreas Spiess'] latest video (see below). In it, he shows an example of using all three ESP32 UARTs from an Ardu Anzeigen Arduino Arduino GUI Arduino Projekte Arduino Zusatzplatine Ardunio Uno Autonome Roboter board c C/C++ cam Entfernungsmessung ESP ESP esp32 esp32s2 ESP8266 ESP Projekte espressif espressif-idf howto idf Java microcontroller Motorbrücke Node MCU Pi4J PI Projekte Positionsbestimmung Programmiersprache Prozessorboards Raspberry Pi Raspberry PI 3 RF Roboter Hardware Sensoren Servo Shield. /* ESP32 AWS IoT * * Simplest possible example (that I could come up with) of using an ESP32 with AWS IoT. * * Author: Anthony Elder * License: Apache License v2 */ //#include <WiFiClientSecure.h> #include <PubSubClient.h> // install with Library Manager, I used v2.6.0 //const char* ssid = Labospace; //const char* password = Labospace20; const char* awsEndpoint = myurl.us-east-2.amazonaws. i box that combines a UBX-M8030-KT u-blox GPS module and an M5Atom Lite ESP32-PICO-D4 ; TinyGPS USBHostShield Ethernet Bounce Keypad Audio Encoder Ping CapacitiveSensor FreqCount FreqMeasure Servo PulsePosition Stepper AccelStepper FrequencyTimer2 Tlc5940 SoftPWM ShiftPWM Time TimeAlarms DS1307RTC Metro TimerOne MsTimer2 EEPROM. Reference: Libraries Most code libraries designed for Arduino. NodeMCU have the advantages of both ESP-8266 and Arduino. It got enough I/O pins and can connect to computer using a micro USB cable. If we compare NodeMCU with a normal ESP8266-01 module- the ESP8266-01 module's I/O pins are limited to 2 and you cannot connect ESP8266 directly to your computer without an additional add on board

NodeMCU ESP8266 12e With GPS & OLED Display: In this Instructable I will describe how to hookup a Ublox 6m GPS module and an OLED display to the NodeMCU or ESP8266-12e wifi module to display your current GPS location and other info.Check out my Youtube Video describing this. Youtube Vide Das ESP32-LoRa Board eignet sich sehr gut dazu mit einem GPS-Modul erweitert zu werden. Die Verdrahtung ist sehr einfach, da lediglich eine serielle Schnittstelle erforderlich ist. Die Daten vn GPS Modul können am integrierten OLED Display angezeigt werden. Zum Aufbau benötigen wir ein Nodemcu ESP32 mit integriertem O NodeMCU is ESP8266 based development board. It features ESP-12E as its processing core. It is a 32bit MCU. It has 14 GPIO pins, single channel 10 bit integrated ADC. It supports UART, I2C, SPI communication. It is 3.3V compatible, it cannot handle 5V. If you are new to NodeMCU then read our Getting Started with NodeMCU ESP-12 Esp8266 12e mit GPS & OLED-Display In dieser Instructable werde ich beschreiben, wie an Anschluß ein Ublox 6m GPS-Modul und ein OLED-zum NodeMCU oder ESP8266-12e Wifi Modul Ihre aktuelle GPS-Position und andere Informationen anzeigen angezeigt.Schauen Sie sich meine Beschreibung dies

This was easily the most time I've spent producing an Arduino Tutorial. I've been sporadically walking around NYC with this Arduino GPS for weeks as I've tweaked the code and gotten it just right.If it wasn't obvious from the title, this tutorial will teach you how to use an arduino paired with a GPS Module The TinyGPS module is a small and simple backpack that can be added to just about any Teensy project. It can be directly soldered to the Teensy with headers to eliminate wires, but is also breadboard friendly. The board includes two low-current LEDs, a U.fl antenna connector and passives. The left LED can be programmed to do whatever you like, ie. blink when 3D fix is acquired, via pin 2.


ESP32 Dual Axis Solar Tracking from the ESP8266 Code. This was an unexpected child, Lets take a look a real world transition from ESP8266 code. What changes when you swap horses? Intermediate Protip 2 hours 819. Things used in this project . Hardware components: Espressif ESP-WROOM-02: ×: 1: Espressif ESP8266 ESP-12E: ×: 1: Buy from Newark; Buy from www.esp8266.com; Espressif Generic ESP32. GitHub is where people build software. More than 56 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects

Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout - 66 channel w/10 Hz updates [Version 3] : ID 746 - We carry a few different GPS modules here in the Adafruit shop, but none that satisfied our every desire - that's why we designed this little GPS breakout board. We believe this is the Ultimate GPS module, so we named it that Hey guys, I am working with ESP32 Arduino with a GPS module. I have used the TinyGPS PLUS library to praise NMEA data. But if I want to manually o the job like- String operation by reading the Serial Data, how do I do that? GPS modules send data by serial communication. I can read the data by a simple Serial Read loop but can't store data the. In this tutorial we learn How to GPS Module Interfacing with NodeMCU ESP8266. NodeMCU is an open source IoT platform. It includes firmware which runs on the ESP8266 Wi-Fi SoC from Espressif Systems, and hardware which is based on the ESP-12 module. The term NodeMCU by default refers to the firmware rather than the development kits

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Set up a serial GPS module with Arduino. Home; About; Archive; Projects; NEO6MV2 GPS Module with Arduino June 10th, 2016. After using USB receivers for GPS, I needed a module to shrink down a project and found the GY-NEO6MV2 module I have a project with the following file structure: led-test │ platformio.ini │ ├───lib │ │ readme.txt │ │ │ └───ht16k33 │ └───src │ ht16k33.cpp │ ht16k33.h │ └───src After installation is complete, go to Tools ->Board -> and select NodeMCU 1.0(ESP-12E Module). Now you can program NodeMCU with Arduino IDE. After setting up NodeMCU in Arduino IDE, upload the code into NodeMCU. Complete code is given at the end of this tutorial; here we are explaining the code step by step. Start the code by including all the required library files in the code like. GPS Tracker with TinyGPS++, Leaflet and PHP based on Arduino - ESP-12S-A9-A9G-GPRS-Node-v1. - Stack Overflow. 0. I have started my first IoT project in the last few days, based on Arduino and the DEV board ESP-12S-A9-A9G-GPRS-Node-v1.. I configured and installed the development board as described in the wiki A new, customizable Arduino NMEA parsing library http://arduiniana.org TinyGPS++ is a new Arduino library for parsing NMEA data streams provided by GPS modules. Like its predecessor, TinyGPS, this library provides compact and easy-to-use methods for extracting position, date, time, altitude, speed, and course from consumer GPS devices. However, TinyGPS++'s programmer interface is considerably simpler to use than TinyGPS, and the new library can extract arbitrary data from any of the myriad.

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Here is an example diagram: This one uses Software Serial mapped to pins 3 and 4. The GY-NEO6MV2 GPS receiver uses 3.3V logic levels hence a voltage divider is needed to step down the voltage from the Arduino. You can use the TinyGPS++ library for easier Arduino GPS interfacing In this tutorial we will see how to make a tracker to GPS tracker, with LORA and Arduino module. We will also see a basic webserver with ESP32, where you can open a URL on google maps, with real-time latitude and longitude data VL53L0X Time-of-Flight sensor and ESP32. The VL53L0X is a new generation Time-of-Flight (ToF) laser-ranging module housed in the smallest package on the market today, providing accurate distance measurement whatever the target reflectances unlike conventional technologies ESP32 Bluetooth Controlled 10Ch HomeAutomation System Using Android App. ESP32 Bluetooth HomeAutomation Using Android App and Manual Switches. Internet and Manual Control HomeAutomation System with feedback using ESP32 & Blynk

TinyGPS; PString; All 3 libraries can be downloaded from http://arduiniana.org/libraries/. Follow the instructions to install them. The following should be noted: The line: cell.println(AT+CGDCONT=1,\IP\,\isp.cingular\);establishes a PDP (Packet Data Protocol) context with AT&T 's APN (Access Point Name). If your cellular provider is not AT&T, replace the string isp.cingular with the appropriate APN for your cellular provider. In the line: cell.println(AT. TinyGPS is the gold standard for interfacing to GPS modules. SevSeg is a library we wrote to make controlling 7-segment displays easier. Sdfat is a very good library that allows you to read and write files to SD cards. Great for datalogging! Be sure to checkout all the examples included with the library. MP3Shield is a great example of a customer of SparkFun taking complex example code and. library Gps-neo-6m, Example code, Arduino Library gps, Author:Cristian Stei

GPS Triangulation. GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigational system that is composed of 30+ satellites surrounding the earth. This satellite system in space is about 12,000 miles (19,300 kilometers) above the earth's surface, orbiting at around 7,000 miles per hour (11,200 kilometers per hour) It is a very popular, cost-effective, high-performance GPS module. This GPS module comes with a ceramic patch antenna and an on-board memory chip and a backup battery that is conveniently integrate with a broad range of the micro controllers In this tutorial we will see how to make a tracker to GPS tracker, with LORA and Arduino module. We will also see a basic webserver with ESP32, where you can open a URL on google maps, with real-time latitude and longitude data. Electronic components. Two 1 Kohm resistors. Two LED diodes. Arduino nan

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Download: tinyGPS test program. Am besten jetzt den kleinen Roboter oder den Versuchsaufbau angeschlossen an eine Power-Bank in den Garten legen damit die kleine GPS Antenne eine freie Sicht zum Himmel hat. Nach ca. 5 Minuten sollten dann die GPS Koordinaten auf dem OLED Display angezeigt werden. Die hinteren Stellen der GPS Information habe ich unleserlich gemacht Schlagwort: tinyGPS. ESP8266 NodeMCU Solar Power. von Maker | Mai 22, 2020 | Arduino, ESP8266 NodeMCU, Top Story | 0 | Seit einigen Jahren habe ich immer wieder darüber nachgedacht einen kleinen Roboter zu bauen der... Weiterlesen. Roboter bauen mit dem ESP8266 Entwicklungsboard - WIFI Fernsteuerung. von Maker | Apr 21, 2020 | Arduino, ESP8266 NodeMCU, Roboter, Top Story | 0 | Toll wäre es.


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Ok I somehow loaded the TinyGPS library not the TinyGPS++ library so I deleted the wrong one and installed TinyGPSPlus-1.0.2b in the Arduino library folder on my hard drive . i now get the error: Invalid library found in C:\Users\JimW\Documents\Arduino\libraries\TinyGPSPlus-1.0.2b: no headers files (.h) foun Folgendes Material wurde verwendet (im Shop erhältlich): ESP32 Entwicklungsboard Board; GY-NEO6MV2 GPS Modul; Jumper Kabel. Sehr zuverlässiges GPS Modul mit zusätzlicher keramischer Antenne zum Betrieb an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, elektronischen Schaltungen oder anderen Boards. Das Modul ist NMEA Protokoll kompatibel und läßt sich bequem per serieller Schnittstelle ansteuern. GPS-Modul mit Antenne und EEPR Permanent Redirect. ICQUANZX T-Display ESP32 WiFi und Bluetooth. C Arbeitsstrom: Über Single- / Dual-Core-32-Bit-LX6-Mikroprozessor I2S, IRGPIO, ADC, IPS ST7789V 1,14 67MA, Schlafstrom: Über 240 MHz Xtensa 8 MB Anzeige: mit USB-Kabel, kompatibel mit Arduino inklusive. Open-Source-Programmen wie z. ️ Willkommen in Ihre Projekte mit mit der Logic Signaleingänge (0-5 V) (20cm). ️ Der Unterstützung anbieten.

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They are used to track your location all over the globe. GPS Receiver for Arduino is a unit embedding GPS module and antenna in a small foot-print enclosure. By using TinyGPS library, Arduino can retrieve geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude, altitude), speed, heading and GMT time. The update rate is an important performance index of a GPS receiver. Most GPS in mobile phones provide an update rate of 1Hz, which means, only one set of data can be retrieved in one second. For GPS. Give your Feather a sense of place, with an Ultimate GPS FeatherWing. This FeatherWing plugs right into your Feather board and gives it a precise, sensitive, and low power GPS module for location identifcation anywhere in the world. As a bonus, the GPS can also keep track of time once it is synced with the satellites The ESP is only listening passivly! I took a ESP8266 12-E that could scan wifi. Connected a Serial GPS to it, to get the location and store them on a Micro-SD-Card. - Thats nothing new - WARDRIVING / WARCHALKING is known since a couple of years for now. In Germany it is not legal, Google payed a 140.000 € punishment because they did it. I want to show you only my solution - here it is.

GY-NEO6MV2 GPS Modul - Mikrokontroller Drahtlos GPSGPSモジュールが届いたのだけれど、、、 | * いしのなかにいる * :工兵のラボ

Step III : Now copy the entire unzipped folder(after editing it) i.e TinyGPS-13 to the libraries directory of your IDE Step IV : Now open your IDE and in File option go to examples. In that go to TinyGPS-13 and choose test_with_gps_device and upload. Surely it will run.:) Delet You will also need to download this TinyGPS library (credit to milkahart), extract it and move the folder to Arduino libraries folder, example: C:UsersXXXDocumentsArduinolibraries. This program basically reads the raw GPS data from SKM53 and decodes the coordinate and time information. When you first power up the Arduino, the code will display acquiring GPS until a fixed is acquired. It will display the latitude and longitude of your current location. If you would like to. or Sketch > Include library > Manage libraries > Search TinyGPS and install. In the code, the variable slat and slon hold the coordinate values of the latitude and longitude respectively. The GPS module is interfaced with Arduino using software serial; pin 5 is defined as Receiver (RX) and pin6 as Transmitter (TX) ã¶nNMÀÞœ Åš ¼ˆt žòYq ÕÆÕ¾$gËgéÛVPz( Që 9¡ |Q z,8@G@Р• Rv.Z@¿/68żìY åQ¢ó˜7ŽR E)¿ÒWÝÜÔJ­2ÏZBå ? rFÖI/ö.

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